How Far Can A Person Walk in A Day?

This is something we all do every day. But has anyone really tested just how long we could possibly walk in a day? Yes! According to Guinness World Records, the farthest that a person has ever walked is 175km in just 24 hours. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the furthest that a human is capable of walking, only that’s the farthest that’s been measured. Considering breaking that record? We’ve got some tips for every level of fitness to help you get more distance out of your walks.

At The Beginner Level:

A beginner is someone who has no training in walking for long distances. As a beginner, you can comfortably do six miles in two hours. You can complete this distance walking at a comfortable pace. It may look challenging at first, but with time your body starts to adapt. You can improve your daily walking distance slowly.

As a beginner, walking for more than ten miles may be challenging. You may develop blisters on your feet if you would cover this distance in a day. The shoes that you use to walk for six miles may not be comfortable to walk in for extra miles. As a beginner, some of the factors you can consider to improve your walking time include:


You can look for comfortable and light shoes. Wearing the appropriate shoes ensures you can cover the desired distance.

Sleep and Adequate Rest.

You would need to rest adequately before any walk. Less rest would mean your body will get tired before you achieve the estimated distance.

For an Experienced/Healthy Person:

An experienced person may be more fit than a beginner. When you have adequate experience in walking you can cover more distance than a beginner. A trained person can do 20 – 26.2 miles in approximately seven hours without breaking.

When you are taking breaks during your walking course, you can cover a distance of 20 miles. A trained walker can do up to 26.2 miles a day walking at an average speed with no breaks. You, however, have to build your coverage in several months.

To be able to achieve this distance and become an experienced walker you’ll need to be patient. For the first weeks, you are bound to experience blister trouble. You have to prepare in advance if you are planning to go for a long trek. This will reduce the challenges of having blisters and also chafing. Some of the things an experienced walker needs to achieve this distance include:

Comfortable shoes.

Select comfortable shoes for the walk. When selecting shoes for walking you should consider the terrain you’ll be covering. You can apply cornstarch on your feet to keep them dry.


Taking a cup of water before the walk would keep you hydrated to begin the walk. You can take your water around 90 minutes before the walk. When walking, you can take a cup of water every thirty minutes.


You’ll need to take a balanced diet before you take your walk. A meal comprising of carbohydrates and proteins would be perfect. You should not take too much food before walking. When walking, you can take a snack after two hours to keep you energetic.

Carrying your stuff.

A backpack would be perfect for long distance walks. It would not compromise your walking style. A bag should have a waist belt which would assist in distributing its weight. If you have a few items, you can carry them with your pockets.

The answer to the question is evident that the distance covered varies. There are a lot of factors that would affect the distance an individual can cover in a particular day. To cover more distance, you need to prepare adequately. As you walk more, you can improve your walking distance.