How Many Miles Should I Run a Day?

4 Best Strategies for Enhancing Your Running Endurance.

Running can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner; however, taking part in regular run programs can help you gain endurance as well as stamina. You can even save on your running program by utilizing coupon sites like You may be asking yourself how many miles should I run in a day to be considered a great runner.

It is important to note that the distance you are required to cover per day would vary depending on your fitness level and strength. In other words, you need to train while taking good care of yourself since too much training can be detrimental to your well-being.

So How Far Should I Run Each Day?

The far you will run will depend on your fitness level. If you are starting your training routine, it is wise to run two to four miles per run. On the second week, you can consider increasing your mileage bearing in mind the 10 percent rule. For instance, if your race is 10 miles in a day, add one mile to your run for a week. Keep on increasing your mileage by 10 percent in a week to boost your resilience.

Some of the Best Strategies for Enhancing Running Endurance

A runner with exceptional stamina can run a longer distance in a short time. Generally, you can build on your endurance by running shorter distances of about two to four miles without necessarily pushing so hard. Increase your running mileage on a weekly basis while trying to cover more ground in less time.

Without wasting a great deal of time, here below is a step-by-step guide to help you grow your stamina right from the start.

Train Smart.

The art of becoming an advance runner is to grow endurance without putting yourself at risk. Smart training aims at gradually increasing the mileage and lowering run-time while ensuring consistency in both shorter and longer distances.

Gradual adaptation is one element you should muster every time you are training. After you have internalized the secret, you are on the way to achieving your goal.


Training consistently will aid you to build aerobic ability. You may not realize the benefits of regular practice, especially if you are using a different training program. Consistent exercising offers some advantages, including building your aerobic base, strengthening your muscles, and increasing your aerobic capacity.

Run Long.

If you suffered an injury, you need to run-walk to build your cardio base first. Once your body is in the right form to take in more robust training sessions, you can switch to run long. Long runs play a vital role in increasing the number as well as the size of muscle capillaries and mitochondria to improve your aerobic efficiency.

Tempo Runs

Another way to increase the mileage you can run in a day is to do tempo runs regularly. In most cases, tempo runs can help you to clear lactic acid which if left to accumulate in your body, it will slow you down. Tempo runs involve running faster than you usually do as a way to push yourself further at the same time building your stamina.