Save on Mens Shorts with Zipped Pockets with a Coupon Code

Now that the weather is warming up again, you may be thinking of trading in your jogging pants for a pair of shorts instead. Have you ever gone for a run and then realized in a panic when you got home that your keys or something else important had fallen out of your pocket? It’s definitely not fun, and while there are quite a lot of jackets for running the come with zippered pockets it can be more difficult to find warmer weather clothing with them. Not to worry, we have a coupon code for eBay where you can get high quality mens shorts with zipped pockets at outstanding prices.

Use a Coupon Code when Shopping on eBay

A lot of people don’t think to shop on eBay when they are looking for new retail items, they go to Argos or Debenhams first. But eBay actually has an excellent selection of fitness clothing for both men and women. You can get trainers, jackets, pants, sports bras, and, yes, mens shorts with zipped pockets. These all come at incredible prices, and then you can use a coupon code on top of that! That’s the other thing people don’t realize, you can use discount codes there too.

You may be thinking, “But I don’t want to deal with the hassle of an auction.” You don’t have to, eBay has moved on from being just an auction website and has grown into more of a general marketplace like Amazon. There are many items listed for a ‘buy it now’ price, which is typically lower than what you will find elsewhere, especially when you apply the extra savings from a coupon code.

use a coupon code to save on mens shorts with zipped pockets

What to look for in Mens Shorts with Zipped Pockets

When you are running or walking long distances, comfortable clothing that won’t chafe is of the utmost importance. If you wear the wrong type of clothing you will be very uncomfortable and it will likely impact your performance and possibly even cut your run or walk short.


The first thing to look for is what type of material are the shorts made out of? Are they all synthetic, or is it a cotton blend? 100% synthetic material isn’t as breathable which can cause sweating & chafing, although it does tend to be lower priced. There is nothing wrong with being a smart shopper, but you need to be careful as there is a point where a lower price is not always a good thing if you are not getting a good product. Most sports clothing is a blend of synthetic materials and cotton, that should do just fine.


The second thing to consider is the zippers themselves. Do they seem sturdy & how heavy are they? If they are metal zippers do you think they will be rubbing on your legs a lot? If you are going to be running or walking for hours this could be a big problem for you. On the other hand you don’t want a super flimsy zipper that might pop open and spill your items. Again, there is a balance that needs to be struck between quality and price.


Thirdly I would take a look at the stitching and the seams, particularly around the zipper. You want the seams to lie nice and flat, with nothing sticking up or out that could cause chafing while you are out. Obviously this can be difficult to tell over the internet, so my suggestions is to take a look at a few pairs when in store. Take note of the brands/styles that you liked and then see if you can find them online at a better price. I can almost guarantee that you will, and you can use a coupon code as well. If you’re not able to do that, then take a look through the reviews on sites like Amazon to see what other customers have said.