Stamina vs endurance: What is the difference?

Endurance vs Stamina: Are They the Same Thing?

Many people are unable to differentiate stamina and endurance. The two terms are related but they are different, they mean different things. What stamina exercise will accomplish is not what endurance exercises will accomplish. Keep reading to know the relationships and difference between the two terms.

First Up: Stamina.

Stamina basically means the ability to sustain a prolonged activity. It is the amount of time your muscles can a given task at maximum capacity. You can be strong but with low stamina. You can be able to lift 100 pounds because you have strong biceps muscles than a person who is limited to 80 pounds. The difference comes in when you have to perform the same task repeatedly. The person who is limited to 80 pounds only can have more stamina than you, he or she can be able to lift the same weight at a higher rate many times and faster than you can with your 100 pounds.

When it comes to exercises like press-ups having higher stamina means you are able to do more press-ups with the same rate.

And Now Endurance:

Endurance refers to the ability of your muscles to perform a given task for a long time without getting tired. Unlike stamina, endurance isn’t concerned with capacity, time or duration is what matters. A good example is a long distance runner who trains to be able to run for the longest distance possible regardless of his speed.

Another scenario of endurance is when you’re asked to perform as many press-ups as you can without time limits and rate set. The main difference between the two is time and rate. In stamina, we are talking of the duration you can be able to perform a given task at maximum capacity while in endurance we are talking of the maximum amount of time you can do a given task regardless the rate. Stamina has something to do with a maximum capacity that is not in endurance. dropps discount code

How To Get Better At Each One:

Now that you know the difference between the two, your next big question is which exercises increase stamina and which increases endurance? Your training differs from one another depending on your goal. For endurance training, your main goal is that you want to perform a certain task over an extended period of time without getting tired.

A good example of endurance exercise is lifting lighter weights than the maximum weight you can be able to lift for a long time. Endurance exercises include skiing, swimming, cycling and running. In stamina training, your main goal is increasing your strength. A good example of stamina exercises is lifting heavy weights but with fewer repetitions.

The good thing is that for better performance no matter your goals both endurance and stamina training should be incorporated together. It is good to specialize with some exercises depending on your goals but it is much better if you work on your endurance and stamina at the same time. You can imagine being a long distance runner with both stamina and endurance, you will be able to run for a long distance at a higher speed than your competitors. With both stamina and endurance, you’re completely unbeatable.