What is the Average Human Running Speed?

A number of factors influence the running speed of every
person. But what is the average human running speed? Factors such as distance to be covered, weather and course type influence greatly the average speed making almost impossible to determine a single average speed that a person can run.

The fastest human being, Usain Bolt, holds a record of completing 100 meters in just 9.58, which is a speed of 27.8 mph. But, theoretically, researchers have proved that human running speed can go as high as 40 mph. If we also consider finishing times for marathon 10 km and 41.195 km, we can be able to calculate some sort of average speed.

What factors influence human running speed?

Individuals differ on their running speed because of their ages, body size, fitness, gender among other factors. This makes it very difficult to determine a specific average speed. In calculate average running speed, it good to use the marathon as it involves running for a long distance and requires all participant to be in certain fitness level for them to perform. The Boston marathon, for example, brings participant from all over the world and we can use it to calculate the average human speed.

Boston marathon has different qualification for different age brackets and genders. This qualification is what is expected to be the average
running speed of human of that gender in that category.

Here’s How The Average Speed Breaks Down By Age:

  • Men at the age of 18-34 years should be having a speed of 13.62 km/h while women should have a speed of at least 11.72.
  • Men with the age 35-39 qualify are their running speed is above 13.26km/h while women at this age group should have a running speed of over 11.45 km/h to qualify.
  • Between the age of 40-44 men should have a speed of at least 12.92km/h while women should be able to run at a speed of over 11.02 km/h.
  • Men between 45-49 should be able to run at a speed of 12.29km/h and above and women
    should have a speed above 10.72 km/h.
  • Between 50-54,
    men should have a speed of at least 12.00 km/h and Women above 10.05 km/h
  • For persons
    between 55-59, running speed above 11.45 km/h for men and 10.08 km/h for women
  • For those in the
    age group between 60-64, men should have a running speed above 10.72 km/h,
    while women are expected to run above 9.5 km/h
  • If you are in the
    age group 65-69, men should run above 10.08 km/h while women should able to
    move at a speed higher than 9.00 km/h
  • Those at the age
    between 70-74, men should have a speed above 9.5 km/h, while women counter past
    should be above 8.54 km/h.
  • For age group
    between 75-79, men should have a speed of at least 9.00 km/h, while women
    should be able to run at a speed above 8.12 km/h.
  • Above 80 years
    men should be able to move at speed beyond 8.54 km/h while women run beyond
    7.75 km/h.

Using the above Boston running speed qualification, it is clear that youths between the ages of 18-35 years have the highest average running speed. It can also be shown that men have a higher average running speed compared to women.