At what age should you start running?

We start running at a very early age: from the first year and a half of life, immediately after we have learned to stand steadily on our feet. It is the most natural sport for humans. Children run intuitively correctly. If your child enjoys it, develop this useful habit in him, run with him. It’s never too late to start this sport. The main thing is that health allows.
Important! For some diseases, this sport is contraindicated, for others, on the contrary, it is welcomed. Seek medical advice before starting to run.

What goals does running help achieve?

People who start doing this sport pursue certain goals. Basically, this is the improvement of the body, improving physical fitness, maintaining tone or the desire to lose weight. Some people enjoy the process. In any case, to achieve your goals, you need to run correctly so as not to harm yourself, and for this you should know the basic techniques and types of it.
In general, for recovery and weight loss, non-professional runners should practice a continuous training method. You need to run at a steady pace of 20-40 kilometers a week. This is about 30-60 minutes 2 sessions a week, 20-40 minutes 3 times a week, or 90-120 minutes 1 time per week. Such sport training is considered optimal for healing the body. It is not advisable to exceed these figures, as this can adversely affect your health.

Separately, it should be said about the need to run for 90-120 minutes once a week. Such a run is effective, but a beginner should not often practice it, because. the body gets a lot of stress.
The best option is a measured run 3 times a week. Because the recovery period for the body after such loads is approximately 48 hours. More than 3 sessions can lead to overwork and injuries without giving a healing effect, and is possible only if the loads during running are small (15-20 minutes), since recovery after these workouts occurs within a few hours. However, this is ineffective for weight loss, as it does not bring sufficient changes in the body.

Types of running

There are many types of this sport. We take the most popular ones. You can watch the running technique and trainers’ explanations in the videos on the Internet.

Interval running
Beginning runners should start with less time and use the interval training method to avoid overtraining the untrained body. As a rule, it alternates fairly fast running, jogging and walking with specified rest intervals. This is a combination of different loads: intense load – rest – again intense load.
An increase in all the functional capabilities of the body in novice runners is observed after a week of regular runs. To begin with, you should run intervals for about 1.5 hours a week. At the same, this training program should be followed for at least 3 months to increase all the functional capabilities of the body. You need to do it three times a week, running for 30 minutes. Gradually, the load should be increased and gradually switch to exercising without a break.

Running, which maintains a slow pace and narrow steps, and the speed of movement is somewhat greater than with fast walking. In jogging, the flight phase is much shorter than usual: as soon as one leg is pushed off the ground, the second leg immediately falls to the ground. A very popular type among non-professionals, it is very effective for a recovery workout or morning run. This type
can also help you relax after a hard day.

Easy run
This is a health-improving and strengthening training type of running, which can rather be attributed to sports walking. It is often called footing (footing) – walking at a fast pace. Sometimes even walking at a good fast pace is called footing. This run is suitable for people of all ages.

Choose one and start

This sport will make your life much better, so do not waste your time waiting, start right now!